One of my teachers, Keith Cunningham, once said “Perfection is least standard, because it doesn’t exist. Everything worth trying is worth trying it poorly.” I guess I tapped into the the perfection trap a few days ago. When I started writing, I chose the simplest design, no graphics, nothing fancy, just to focus on writing, nothing else. Then I changed the theme to something “nicer”, a little bit here and there, and then suddenly I was busy pimping my website, I was editing while writing and got my focus off, what I wanted in the first place. Writing to learn it, about myself and sharing what I learned.

So, here I am back again.

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  1. Once a teacher of me said: “perfection is the death as long as we are looking for perfection we will never be alive”

    And I know how hard it can be to just be alive and leave all our concepts aside.

    What a beautiful and inspiring page you created.
    Thank you for that..

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