Once the big train is rolling, it’s almost impossible to stop. Well, yes, in my head that sounds very logical and I’m looking towards, that nothing stops my efforts. In reality, today was again a very busy day and I had to delay my writing for about 9 hours. And before I started writing this very sweet voice in my head started talking about, that probably today is almost weekend and I should definitely take a day off.

Very interesting to watch, how I gave myself some logical reasons not to push myself too hard, to reward myself for being already so ambitious and this in a sweet voice, that I would use myself, if I would want something from others. I’m using my own tricks against myself. Or let’s say, a part of me, that doesn’t like change, uses this to keep the status quo.

To probably have less distraction from my writing I should move from scheduled writing time from my lunch break (which has a 40% chance of not happening) to a different time. I will contemplate on that and come up with an idea within the next days.

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