Two days ago I moved from my old test & play domain to my new domain. On my other account I sed the most basic WordPress theme and my only outcome was, to publish an article a day. But because this now is a different domain, I wanted the page to be nice and shiny. I was playing the whole time with layout, designs, fonts etc., that I totally missed to write an article yesterday.

So, what first looked like an upgrade, distracted me from my primary outcome. And of course, I was bullshitting myself again. I just write two articles today, backdate one to yesterday and pretend nothing has happened. When I started my first article of the two, it felt empty. I had nothing to say. I thought, I just will then publish three tomorrow and it made click and I realised, I was going in the wrong direction.

I don’t think, I’m a bad person, missing one the the daily goals, but I want to honour my writing and do it in a truthful way.

So, welcome to my new page.

(The design will probably change quite often in the next days, I guess)

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