One of my teachers, Keith Cunningham, once said “Perfection is least standard, because it doesn’t exist. Everything worth trying is worth trying it poorly.” I guess I tapped into the […]


Once the big train is rolling, it’s almost impossible to stop. Well, yes, in my head that sounds very logical and I’m looking towards, that nothing stops my efforts. In […]


Yeah, weekend is here. So, my usual schedule is not in place. I was busy the whole day, I couldn’t write at lunch time. I’m also still figuring out, if […]


Two days ago I moved from my old test & play domain to my new domain. On my other account I sed the most basic WordPress theme and my only […]


to hustle (verb) – to proceed or work rapidly or energetically I guess, the best example for hustling is probably Gary Vaynerchuk. His dedication to his online business is amazing. He […]


Making plans, setting goals and having discipline only works in the long run, if you know why you put all this extra workload onto yourself. Doing something out of an […]


Once a teacher of mine said “All excuses are the same”. That was a hard punch for me back then, because I thought my excuses were always pretty great. Then […]

The second time

The first time is always the hardest. Right? Well, in my case, that’s not so. Definitely, the second time is harder for me. Looking back to a many I started, […]


Jocko Willink says, discipline equals freedom. Whatever one wants to achieve, whether it’s a financial, physical or business goal, you can’t get there without discipline. Every goal requires a plan, […]