One of my teachers, Keith Cunningham, once said “Perfection is least standard, because it doesn’t exist. Everything worth trying is worth trying it poorly.” I guess I tapped into the the perfection trap a few days ago. When I started writing, I chose the simplest design, no graphics, nothing fancy, just to focus on writing, nothing else. Then I changed the theme to something “nicer”, a little bit here and… Read More »Perfection


Once the big train is rolling, it’s almost impossible to stop. Well, yes, in my head that sounds very logical and I’m looking towards, that nothing stops my efforts. In reality, today was again a very busy day and I had to delay my writing for about 9 hours. And before I started writing this very sweet voice in my head started talking about, that probably today is almost weekend… Read More »Momentum


Yeah, weekend is here. So, my usual schedule is not in place. I was busy the whole day, I couldn’t write at lunch time. I’m also still figuring out, if lunch time is the optimal writing time. About an hour ago, I came home and decided to start writing. But I had many open windows and browser tabs on my computer, so I decided to first close all windows, ended… Read More »Procrastination


Two days ago I moved from my old test & play domain to my new domain. On my other account I sed the most basic WordPress theme and my only outcome was, to publish an article a day. But because this now is a different domain, I wanted the page to be nice and shiny. I was playing the whole time with layout, designs, fonts etc., that I totally missed… Read More »Focus


to hustle (verb) – to proceed or work rapidly or energetically I guess, the best example for hustling is probably Gary Vaynerchuk. His dedication to his online business is amazing. He worked for many years as the only employee of his company answering emails and phone calls almost 24/7. Now he is one of the world’s best marketing experts and serial entrepreneurs. 


Making plans, setting goals and having discipline only works in the long run, if you know why you put all this extra workload onto yourself. Doing something out of an emotion, no matter how strong it is, will not do the trick. An emotion wears off and fades. An emotion is on the other hand a good thing to get you started. Seeing myself and my motivation this week compared… Read More »Why


Once a teacher of mine said “All excuses are the same”. That was a hard punch for me back then, because I thought my excuses were always pretty great. Then hearing someone say that, made me rethink my whole excuses and complaints. They are worth exactly zero. Maybe at first someone is interested, why you didn’t do something or what the reason was. But the longer the event (or more… Read More »Excuses

The second time

The first time is always the hardest. Right? Well, in my case, that’s not so. Definitely, the second time is harder for me. Looking back to a many I started, I threw myself into any situation and tried it. Most of the time, I came out of the situation quite well and the result was way better than expected. But then the little voice in my head started whispering to… Read More »The second time


Jocko Willink says, discipline equals freedom. Whatever one wants to achieve, whether it’s a financial, physical or business goal, you can’t get there without discipline. Every goal requires a plan, a measurement and an execution. Without discipline, there’s no chance I will come even close to my goals. The other thing Jocko said was “If you want to be tougher, be tougher. Just be tougher, don’t plan it, don’t wish… Read More »Discipline